Direct Selling Vs. Consignment

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In with the new and out with the old! Is it time to clean out your closet? We can help you get cash quick!
No more frustration dealing with Ebay removing your authentic listings. We take out the hassle of dealing with non-paying bidders, customer service problems and high fees. Our goal is to help you sell as fast as possible and get you the cash you need. Below is a chart that explains the differences between selling us direct versus using our consignment program.

Direct Selling
Consignment Fees

  • No waiting. Get cash quick. We give you an offer and you accept it. That’s it.

  • Receive a fair value offer within 24 - 48 hours.

  • Once we receive your item in the mail and after verification, you can choose to receive payment instantly with a paypal account or a check in the mail.

  • Sales below $5000 : 30% commission.
    Sales above $5000 : 25% commission.
    (Please note that if your item is sold through an online auction, fees associated with the auction will be deducted from your proceeds.)

  • Leave the work to us! We do all the research on pricing and represent your item(s) for sale in a professional way with detail images. We will use special merchandising techniques to sell your items for the highest price possible in the shortest time period. We will ensure a safe environment for both the seller and the buyer. Safe online payments are guaranteed.

  • With consignment, it may take a little longer, but you may receive the best value for you item. Most consignment items sell within 30 days in our online website or our Ebay store. The higher price the item sells for, the more commission we will make, and therefore, selling at the highest price possible is always our top priority.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Authentic Lovers.

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Authentic Lovers
Local Consignment Store

25% - 30%

  • Listing and Re-listing Fees
  • Final Value Fees
  • Paypal Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Average Total Fee 30%

45%-65% with Average of 50%

Time and Effort
We do all the work
  • Market Research and Pricing
  • Create Listings and Re-listings
  • Answer Emails
  • Deal with Potential Listing Violations and Negative Feedbacks
  • Deal with Non-Paying Bidders
  • Deal with Potential Fraudulent Transactions
They do all the work
Market Exposure
  • Niche Products and Targeted Audience
  • Strong Online Presence
  • Multi-selling Channels: Our Website and Ebay store
  • Repeat Customers
  • Special Merchandising Techiques
  • Dealing with Bargin Shoppers that will low ball you
  • Too much competition from other sellers
  • Price Competion with Potential Non-Authentic Items sold on Ebay
  • Lost of Buyers that Do Not Shop on Ebay Due to Bad Experience
  • Only Local Customers
  • Limited Customer Reach
  • Slow Inventory Turnover Rate
Even if a consignment item is returned by our customer, you will still keep the proceeds of the sale no matter what.
  • Deal with Returns, Refunds and Paypal Chargebacks
  • Incur all Ebay re-listing fees
  • Varies From Store To Store
Guaranteed 100% Authentic
No Guarantee
No Guarantee

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